What is it with interracial dating

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This was the real motivation behind the segregation laws which existed in the pre civil rights era South. Therefore, the founders of America passed laws forbidding White-Black marriage. They are in fact despised by the general public of both races. and fewer convolutions ("wrinkles" linked to intelligence). 3) Domestic violence is far more prevalent among mixed couples than among Whites. 4) White parents will often dis-own a child who enters into an inter-racial relationship. offspring and usually have large numbers of offspring, further polluting the White gene pool. Blacks have brains which exhibit primitive features such as small size, light weight. This ban continued in the southern states until outlawed by a liberal Supreme Court on June 12, 1967.The book, America's Greatest Problem, by the eminent Prof. Liberal ministers have had a very difficult time reconciling the Holy Bible with their crusade to promote inter-racial marriage.

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According to medical sources in 1996, one out of every 33 young Black males is infected with AIDS in comparison to one in 100 young males as a whole.

One could be imprisoned for mating outside of the White race. Supreme Court invalidated all state laws forbidding interracial marriage.

Most states had Anti-Mtscegenation laws that tbrbade sexual relations between the races.

They knew that every civilization in history that had used Negro slaves eventually succumbed to the corruption of interracial breeding, leading to the collapse of that society.

They saw the hideous results of low-class White men mating with plantation negro females.

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