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Have been thinking about this for years, and I know that I want to try it.50 recently widowed average white guy. If I am the "victim", I am a very feminine young woman in tiny daisy duke shorts and tube top with long, flowing hair hiking alone when I meet a huge dude with big freakin' muscles and masculine face with stubble on his face and a hairy, flexing chest. Pulling of my shorts and g string, he rolls me over and slips my tube top around my wrists, my arms pinned over my head.I've been out of the dating scene for a while but am looking to meet up with bi male(s) or bi couples. Love to show off my cock and love to masturbate for a man. I can't believe how big and hard his chest and arm muscles are!I’m close to 8”, get very hard (at least with women).I’m a grower, so don’t want anyone to be put off by my soft size.I have a bush, but will shave if it gets me a cock to suck. Bi-curious, hyper-sexual, naughty school teacher looking for a female lover to lick me and fuck me in front of my hubby.I test frequently, got into the habit when my ex and I played. I want my clit licked by a beautiful woman while my hubby fucks me and use a strap-on to fuck my pussy and ass while I suck my hubby's cock. Well I’m a very discreet closet bi that has sucked a few cocks and actually was gently forced to swallow a huge mouthful of cum and now I am absolutely obsessed with finding not only a closet bi like me but I keep watching videos of freaky huge loads and would love love love to find a guy that shoots like that, I don’t care about race or a type but I guess if I did I found that heavy set guys can cum really really heavy for me but hey if you fit and shoot a load that is a mouthful I want to suck your cock as much as I possibly can every time I can and love getting fukd HARD but has to be big I’m talking wide and long 10” minimum A 60 year old str8 man who would like to experience the feeling of sucking a man's cock, licking their balls, for the first time.I’m also happy to tongue your ass, especially if I’ve just cum in you. But I’m open to ideas about how to get a cock in me.

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Would be glad to share his cock with his wife or let her watch, that's fine. I start to run, but he easily catches me, one big hand in my crotch and the other around my big tits. He takes me down on the ground and starts humping my hot round ass, crushing me under his weight.(Also known as Silicon Valley.) My store, Curvy Girl, is in the middle of high tech heaven and home to companies like EBay, Adobe, Facebook and Twitter. Sexy technology yes, but not really known for sexy time. Girl Inc ) About a week ago, one of my favorite customers sent me a private message asking if I was comfortable with her posting a picture of herself in her panties and bra on our Curvy Girl secret group.Last October, on 10/11/12, my baby “Curvy Girl Lingerie” was born. (Called Lovelies.) We have been open for 13 months and the past 13 months have been so amazing and way more successful then I forecasted or predicted. It’s been so humbling, amazing, fulfilling, rewarding, exciting and about a million other adjectives. (We have a “secret” Curvy Girl group on Facebook in addition to our “public” Curvy Girl page on Facebook. Her exact question/statement: of the time for pics of our lingerie on larger bodies. (A very devoted Mom, I might ad.) A woman who is a daughter. A woman who works full time while raising her daughter.I didn't say a word but I got down on my knees & stated to stroke him while I tounged his swollen mushroom head boy did I love it! The fact it was very thick, over 2 inches wide in the middle, and thicker at the base than the head. The second thing that happened was that about a year after that incident, he had moved to Cinncinnati. I used to put my wife on the other extention to listen and then, after he hung up..would try to duplicate his stories..was quite a turnon for both of us. Of course, I told my wife about that conversation, and we had a grand fucking time..was extrememly turned on, very wet and hot.I then started to work his cock further into my mouth & down my throat, slowly at first then a little bit faster I did not want this to end to soon. Now, one thing was he liked to get druck...then call me up and tell me about his sex life. Once he told me about his GF's, I told him, my wife had watched a John Holmes movie about double penetration, and from then on, she had always had a fantasy about a 3 some with 2 guys, one with a huge dick. The third thing was that a couple of years later, he had then moved to Michigan.

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