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They’ve made it plain they’ll accept anything to keep the Trump show going and to indulge their delight in seeing America dissolved.

My fantasy is that Al runs for congress in the special election in November 2018 after Mark Dayton appoints a placeholder in January.

Your speech today was of a piece with your way of speaking throughout your political career: humble, calm, measured, direct, and without cutting corners, or making matters seem better or worse than they are.

It is, these days, a very rare form of public speech.

Respectfully, Greil and Jenny Marcus is by far Robbie’s best solo album.

There’s a directness, a forthrightness, to the singing and the songwriting, and an absence of clutter in the music.

When it became clear it was likely he would win anyway, then it was, you know, up to the voters of Alabama. It won’t hurt among Republicans and other Trump voters.

12/12/17 Lately I have been thinking about different kinds of lyrics in rock music.

I think one of the great joys of rock music is that lyrics may seem “difficult” or “simple.” Some artists has written songs with rather complicated lyrics.

You may not be able to figure out all the lyrics to “Memphis Blues Again” in terms of linear narrative, but they all make immediate emotional and metaphorical sense if you don’t , “Nowhere Fast.” 12/09/17 My father (born 1945 and white) said growing up in 1950s New Orleans there was so much local R&B on the radio that, for him and his friends, mainstream rockers like Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis seemed like marginal figures. Their world was black rock and roll made by blacks.

They loved doo wop and Chuck Berry, but the only non-New Orleans artist who broke inside, who made music they could claim alongside Fats Domino, Little Richard, and Huey Smith—the only musician who meant as much, if not more—was Ray Charles.

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