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Aired 1-2a ET • Amtrak Train Derailment In Washington Causes Multiple Fatalities; Antoine Griezmann "Sorry For Blackface Photo"; Froome Calls Adverse Drug Test Horrible Situation.Aired 2-3a ET • Train Derailment Investigation; House Passes Republican Tax Bill.Aired 6-7p ET • Trump Attorney: "No Consideration" Of Firing Mueller; Trump On A Flynn Pardon: "Well See What Happens"; Trump Lawyer: White House Interviews Are Complete; Trump Judicial Pick Fumbles Basic Legal Questions.Aired 5-p ET • California Wildfires; Russia Investigation; Australian Arrested, Accused of Being North Korean Agent; Far Right Party in Austria's New Government; ANC Leaders Want Zuma to Go; Omarosa's Departure Sparks Strong Reaction; Museum Portrays Vladimir Putin as Superhero; Bitcoin Frenzy Sweeps South Korea.Aired 2- p ET • Power Outage Cripples World's Busiest Airport; Putin Thanks Trump in Phone Call; Trump Not Considering Firing Mueller.Aired 12-1a ET • Republicans Poised to Pass Tax Bill; Mc Cain Head to Arizona; Manchin on Trump Allegations; Looking at Midterm Elections; Car Rams UK Military Checkpoint; Trump Expects Exoneration Letter.

Aired 1-2a ET • Death of Border Patrol Agent Investigated; United Nations Rebukes President Trump Over Jerusalem Move; Do Rich Benefit Most from Republican Tax Bill? Aired 3-p ET • House Prepares to Pass Tax Reform Again; NTSB Investigates Train Accident; Locomotive to Be Removed Today; Interview With Rep. Aired -4p ET • President Trump and Republicans Celebrate Tax Bill.Aired -6p ET • CNN: Trump Confident He'll Be Cleared In Russia Probe; Trump: I'm Not Considering Firing Mueller; Republicans Poised To Pass Historic Tax Bill This Week.Aired 9-a ET • CNN: Trump Expects Letter Of Exoneration From Mueller; Transition Atty: Mueller Improperly Obtained E-Mails; Today: 400 Plus Flights Canceled After Atlanta Blackout; Sen.Aired 4-5p ET • Putin Calls: Thanks Trump For A CIA Tip That Helped Foil Attack; Mueller Denies "Unlawfully" Obtaining E-Mails; Trump Lawyers Set To Meet With Special Counsel This Week; Power Partially Back On At Atlanta's Airport, World's Busiest; Procession Held For Firefighter Killed By Thomas Fire; Strong Winds Threaten To Fuel States Third- Largest Blaze; Michigan Voters Still Hopeful After Flipping State For Trump; Prince Harry Interviews Obama For Radio Show • Senator John Mc Cain will be missing next week's vote on Republican tax vote; Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport has no power; CNN Heroes reveals tonight; Aired -p ET • Putin Calls: Thanks Trump for CIA Tip that helped Foil Attack; Mueller's Team Obtains Thousands of Trump Transition Team E-mails; Mueller Team Denies "Unlawful" Obtaining E-mails; Mnuchin: I think Russia Investigation be Over Quickly; Cornyn: Would be a "Mistake" for Trump to Fire Mueller; Aired 2-3p ET • California Wildfires; Australian Arrested, Accused of Being North Korean Agent; Russia Investigation; ANC Leaders Want Zuma to Go; Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Still Looking for Answers.Aired 4-5a ET • Michigan Voters Still Hopeful After Flipping State For Trump; All-Star Tribute for Everyday Heroes Airs Tonight.

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