Forefront not updating automatically

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Make sure that the search criteria is correct, that the Product says Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 or Windows Defender and that the Update Classification shows Definition Updates and choose next.Now we can configure when the updates are available to be installed on client computers.On this page, we are creating a new deployment package for the Definitions Updates.Again, it is good practice to give a descriptive name and description that is easily identifiable to others.But before that, you’ll need to make sure you are syncing the FEP 2010 Definitions.If all went well, you should now have a package flowing to the DPs you have selected.Also, choose a source location with enough storage to store the definitions.

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If you want to deploy the SCEP updates after hours while your client computers are off and wish to wake them up for the client updates (this depends on if your environment has Wake On Lan capability) choose the Wake On Lan checkbox.Chances are you likely want to use a new advertisement to upgrade your clients.I will assume that you know how to create an advertisement for your environment, however what I would like to point out is a potential collection you can target.We also had to create some additional DCM configuration items and collections.This whole thing became a pretty tedious process to setup, but in the end it worked and the clients could get the definitions from their local DPs instead of the Software Update Point, WSUS server, UNC Share, or Microsoft Update.

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