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Personally, I wouldn't rule out an appearance of a certain Doctor Jekyll...Story-wise, there are numerous iterations that the reboot can draw from.In the meantime though, don’t forget to vote in the poll below!We can officially confirm that The Walt Disney Studios and director Jon Favreau are putting a new reimagining of The Lion King on the fast track to production.Most adaptations tell the story of the psychotic scientist Griffin, who develops a compound which turns him invisible.However, the original story has him lusting for power before his transformation, whilst others have shown him to develop these tendencies as side-effects to his condition and isolation.Telling the story of a young man trying to find and protect the girl he loves in a zombie apocalypse, The Black Ghiandola was directed by also stars David Lynch, J. It’s unclear whether The Black Ghiandola will get a wider release outside of film festivals, but here’s hoping that it does!The trailer itself is darn spooky, and if Depp’s nonchalant medic does end up getting munched on, it’s sure to be an entertaining moment!

Depp’s previous roles as gangsters in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies and Donnie Brasco will definitely come in handy here! Based on Randall Sullivan’s acclaimed book, Depp began filming for LAbyrinth several months ago for its apparent release later this year; however, no date has been confirmed for the movie yet.Want to know more about Johnny Depp’s eight impending, non-piratical projects? Release Date: 3rd November 2017Director: Kenneth Branagh Cast: Daisy Ridley, Penélope Cruz & Judy Dench If you’re a fan of both Johnny Depp and murder mysteries, then Christmas will be come early for you, in the form of Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming adaptation of Agatha Christie’s book of the same name.Depp rounds out an absolutely stunning cast, which also includes Kenneth Branagh himself, Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Josh Gad, Michelle Pfeiffer and Daisy Ridley. (Or, you could read that book — but at this point, isn't that cheating? have yet to be solved, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating about the cases right up until the present upon the great detective Sherlock Gnomes (*groans*) to help them out.As we’ve all realized by now, Johnny Depp loves bringing quirky characters to life, and the part of Sherlock Gnomes sounds like its right up Depp's alley.

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