Backdating auto insurance

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If you make a change to your policy, the change can be effective immediately, or in some situations, you can choose the effective date.

Certain restrictions may apply to some changes, so call us at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE (1-800-776-4737) for further assistance if needed.

The mortgage insurer would then pay the bank a portion of their profits.

Panic Stop A dishonest driver, teaming up with passengers, keeps an eye on the driver (victim) behind them, waiting for the victim to become distracted.

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There are instances where the backdating of an insurance policy is legal and justified.Then the dishonest driver slams on the brakes, forcing the victim to rear end them.The victim is often found at fault since they rear-ended a car while distracted.Sliding An agent adds extra coverage into a customer’s policy without its permission or knowledge.This could add a few hundred dollars a year to the premiums while the agent increases its commission. Per Idaho Rule , the insurers and producers must make “reasonable efforts” to obtain the consumer’s “suitability information” prior to recommending a particular annuity to the consumer.

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