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When a MVX (manufacturer) code is paired with a CVX (vaccine administered) code, the specific trade named vaccine may be indicated.These codes should be used for immunization messages using either HL7 Version 2.3.1 or HL7 Version 2.5.1.The Last Updated column indicates the last time this particular vaccine code was updated in this table.Questions regarding this table should be directed to the IIS Technical Assistance Team(or use mailing address).For current administration of hepatitis B vaccine, pediatric/adolescent dosage, use code 08.

It should not be used for the 2-dose hepatitis B schedule for adolescents (11-15 year olds).

This CVX is intended for use when any one of the meningococcal vaccines is recorded and there is no information about which serogroups are protected against.

This code should not be used when a newly administered immunization is recorded.

Therefore, in accordance to the theory that effect of botulinum toxin are greatest at sites where the intramuscular endings are most dense, the location where these toxins should be placed would be at these proximal sites of the GCM rather than at the midbelly.

40 recruited patients will be allocated into either the intramuscular ending targeted (ie.upper portion of calf) or midbelly targeted group.

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